Friday, August 21, 2009


These cartoons are meant to go over the top with true South Park parody in mind. The funniest part of each is that some have actual quotes, are based on actual events (most of the time), and are slanted with reactions by myself & my friends to the show.

Even BB10 Steven in the woods, The Julie Chen BB12 "Survival Of The Fetus", and the Jesse "Straight Guy Stuff" were all things that wouldn't surprise us if true. We all wondered why a gay (rodeo) man would rack his balls on the back of a horse for enjoyment. We all know Big Brother & Julie would do anything if it made ratings and Octomom was suppose to do the evacuating of some of her brood but chose not to (Invitro Process of more zygotes, and seeing which take). AND, we all wonder about a guy's sanity & sexual preferences (gay, straight, kinky, self-love(I call Jesse Narci-sexual), Bi, etc.) when he spends 90% of his time with other men touching them & complimenting them on their muscles, looking in a mirror, or talking about himself.

So be offended, and relish in that perverse enjoyment...

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