Saturday, September 5, 2009

LA LA LA LA LA - I Don't Want To Hear Anymore!!!

Jeff Was Voted Out. I am sad about that. Even though he was an ass the past couple weeks...he is still the man...I actually liked all the nasty comments and threats- SHWIIIIING


I told Poisonstinger that I didn't want to listen to or watch Big Brother After Dark anymore. I felt it would be excruciatingly bad to hear NataLIE tell us how wonderful she is...Continue Lying, as Kevin said she has LIE in her name, and hear her brag how she got revenge for Chima, the nutcase.

Well POISONSTINGER...You called me a cry baby...WHO'S CRYING NOW????

It was worse than I thought. We heard Jordan going on for hours and sounding like the backwoods simpleton that she is, we heard Natalie tell us how wonderful she is, and we found out that Nat didn't know how to use Tampons, so there was a Tampon lesson with Jordan as the teacher.

I don't know what was worse, the Tampon lesson or knowing Nat doesn't know how to take care of her vagina. You all said how nasty my cartoons were about Nat having fungus growing there because she doesn't bathe or douche... One more area, I think I was spot on with...LOL

SO, I am gonna wear my silencing headphones and try to avoid BBAD... I will try and keep track from Joker's updates on happenings, or quick check of comps on RealityBBQ ...

POV is important this week. Let's hope that Michelle wins again. She deserves to win it all. She has been bashed all season by everyone, has been the most alone in the house, and has continued to save herself when she needed to do so. OOOps back to edit. Kevin won POV and now Michelle will be out. Stupid Jordan couldn't even win one out of ten of the parts to POV.

OK, I think Nat is starting to talk again, "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA, I don't wanna hear it, LA LA LA LA LA LA LA," OR KEVIN "LALALALALALALALA"

I will try and catch up on cartoons.... just not that motivated this week to try...

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