Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BB9 was Drawn Together


Nat was Foxxy the Stripper Slut with several abortions to her acclaim. Gives BJs in the house and looks for next guy to get her pregnant.

Adam was Wooldoor the nose picking slime ball adolescent acting twit.

Ryan was Spanky. Only a coke snorting one who didn't just do bathroom humor, but did it in the bathroom.


Sheila was an older Clara. She thought she was a Princess and had a tentacle pussy.

Matty was the cross-eyed "Clum Baby" sperm that got loose one day in the house. No wonder Nat kept sucking him off.


Chelsia was a nice Toot. Still a drunk party girl.

Josh was Xandir. Only he thought he was that cute...

James was Captain Leslie Hero in his personality. He won more competitions & was bisexual.

Sharon was Ling-Ling. You knew she would turn into hoops one day and go on a psychotic killing spree in the house. She would then settle down with her Guinea pigs she identified with.

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